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What Markets Have Greater Performance?

There are many variables that come into play when discussing market performance. The RocketPost Team is happy to provide insights to assist in making upfront market decisions. However, your specific account and Craigslist market trends usually develop after 3-4 months of consistent posting.

Contact [email protected] for more information regarding markets.

Designing your Audiences

The way you design your audiences should be unique and most beneficial to your organization. Here are some ideas for how to do this.

A-la-Carte Audience Creation is when you create an audience with one market and one category. This can be beneficial if your ads are highly specialized and new groups comprised of a variety of markets are created often. 

Group Audience Creation is when you pull all of the markets needed for a specific group and create an audience around it. This is helpful for Client's who are posting similar ads to the same markets each and every time. 

Utilizing the Zip Code Functionality to Define an Audience

Check out these Knowledge Base articles to dive deeper into this: How do I Search for Craigslist Markets by Zip Code? & How to Define Zip Codes by Market

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