Best Practices: Designing the Ad


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What Titles Work Best?

Commonly, descriptive/transparent info results in optimal performance.

Providing the information laid out below will also optimize your post(s):

  • "X Position Needed".
  • Compensation in Title.
  • Rate per hour, week, month, etc.
  • Type of Position.
  • Benefits Statement: "Great Benefits", "% Reimbursement", "Pay + Benefits!"

What Works Better: Image Or Text?

Generally, ads containing imagery outperform text-only ads. Full Page or HTML- designed ads increase impressions 2-5x greater than text-only ads.


Craigslist filters search results based on simple keyword analysis. If your posting contains the right keywords, your post will populate in search results. Craigslist reads the entire title and body of your post for these keywords, but does NOT read images. If you have keywords in your designed ads, but not in your copy, Craigslist is unable to locate them.

Some other best practices include:

  • Research optimal keywords by searching for similar products or services and analyze which terms the top results are using.
  • Try to think like your applicants. How are they searching?
  • Choose keywords relevant to your industry.
  • Include the name of your company, job title, location, and benefits. Also, include relevant information that someone might search for, such as highly searched industry terms and other related companies and jobs.

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