How do I Search for Craigslist Markets by Zip Code?


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When creating a 'New Audience', you can utilize the market search tool to find markets via zip code. You can also define a radius so that you can be sure you have the closest Craigslist markets to your location. 

How to:

> Click the 'Audience' tab in the header

> Click 'New Audience' button

> Create your unique audience name & choose your Craigslist category

> Search for your market by name or zip code and set radius

> Select each market that applies

> Rinse & repeat where necessary for multiple locations

> Once your audience is complete, click 'Create Audience'

*Please note: This does not mean that Craigslist will automatically apply the zip code/ keyword that you used in your search, for the location in the post. To learn more about how to edit your market's zip code when creating an audience, click here. 

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